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A Poker room sublicense
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Opening your own poker room with a very low budget is possible. Network sublicense is just for people that want to get in such a business having no money enough to release, manage and maintain that, with no need to buy or create the software.
There are companies producing networks that use to sublet his own license, software, hosting, terms of payment and much more, with a single expense for installation and a monthly fee.
That’s a chance.

Your marketing strategy will bring the 30% of everything you get to the house you depend on. That means both money and web traffic.
And when you make its traffic grow, then you’re but improving its credentials and quotations, and sooner or later it might increase its fees (thanks to people you brought in!)

It’s quite ten time cheaper (than customized business). And since the very first day you’ll be online, a new user can play with people already gambling in that network. That will be impossible with a brand new one (you must invest time and money to generate you first web traffic and make the first game start)

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