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online Dem casino
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Got a room?
Do you want a dem casino in it?
Got a much visited website and you want to make your users play and win great prizes? Or turning their scores into what you prefer?
We’ve got the right and very cheap solution!
And you need no server! It works in hosting!

Our dem casino system get no money transitions, nor into or out-to either.
It’s made for rooms’ owners to advertize competitions and it’s built just like a real casino.
Here below a description for framework and back office management:

(Front Office)
The interface looks like a web portal collecting casino games. Users may play free all the games on the menu. In the portal you could find all games’ rules, the general ones, and score’s ones. Further, you’ll find the mail address where the player/user may sign up, the access for the website super admin, the access for a website or framework that is affiliated with the main game, and the access for an active member/user (rooms). A player/user could be signed up right by the “super admin”, or by a website or a real framework either (rooms).
Web frameworks is written down in html, Asp, database SQL server Windows 2005 version, flash, ActionScripts, JavaScript, XML. The portal, the games, the superadmin system and all the affiliates are made to work in hosting, not for peculiar or virtual server.

Online Games
(Front Office)
All games are online, so they work on computers and smartphones supporting web connection and Adobe flash technology. They are all common casino games, to play touch screen when available (totem).
Games included:

  • French Roulette
  • Caribbean poker
  • Caribbean stud poker
  • Black jack
  • Slot Machine
  • Video Poker

Super Admin
(Back Office)

By an username and a password the superadmin will get the access to the control panel.
There he will:

  • Check His own account, to change his username and password.

  • Set on and off of all the games, or the set them free, or choose the peculiar setting for each affiliate (rooms).

  • Delete/modify an entire game’s category.

  • Delete/modify each single game, modify its id, name, min/max bet, appearance order on the menu, and add URL down the ftp line.

  • Add a jackpot for games that require it, as slot and video poker.

  • Set in/delete/modify affiliates, and so the scores’ limits for them and their clients, to get always the control about the right amount of the percents of probable prizes.

  • Add new players and admin their score.

  • Check every score’s and users’ fluctuation by a complete statistic system.

Affiliate Admin
(Back Office)

By a username and a password the affiliate admin will get the access to the control panel.
There he will:
change his password;
Set on and off the games of his affiliation;
Control his client’s signing up;
Check the score’s amount of his users;
Get statistics (a report for each game, or category, play time).

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