Get a gaming License in Malta (poker, casino, gambling sport bets)

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Get a gaming License in Malta (for poker, casino, gambling, sport bets)
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Malta gets laws and a fiscal policy quite careful about e-commerce and e-game, and so about all bank transitions. Malta has been officially in UE since May 2004.

To get a Gambling License in Malta you must found a Maltese company. That could be an Ltd company (according to UE’s standards) with benefits for investors. Besides they’ll guarantee you
Maltese license include poker license, casino license, sport bets license, live casino license, live betting license, live poker license.

As for e-gaming Malta offers many options that other courts rarely. “Remote Gaming" (regulations of “Lotteries and Gaming Authority" since 2004) went on improving rules, conditions and benefits, as far as Malta in now considered a perfect place both for gamblers and investors.
Maltese Authority releases a license to skill company only: that’s a guarantee for you and for players too.

That’s a quite complicated practice, but it takes no more than 5/6 weeks: that’s for the skill and the expertise of each person involved. Once you get the permission, they’ll start software’s analysis a games’ certifications.

Usually all the process lasts 6 months, then you could operate “live” worldwide, on the web.

Maltese Authority’s certification is very serious. For every Maltese License your bank system has to be all Maltese only, and so server and hosting have to
New regulations admit 4 license classes:
1st Class 1 - Remote Gaming License, for online game, the most populare for Casinos
2nd Class - Remote on line Gaming License for gambling and sport betting
3rd Class - Promotion and ABET games from Malta (poker)
4th Class - Hosting and game management (not self license).

To ask for them you’ll must present:

1.Your company’s profile.
2.A certified copy of your company’s last bank operations.
3.A detailed business plan about your future investments in Malta (new jobs offers included).
4.An office plan (for virtual ones too).
5.Personal data of all over 5% investors.
6.A description of software’s systems and of your back and font office.

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