License in Costa Rica

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license in costa rica

Costa Rica offers you a stable and comfortable environment to your gambling company.

An offshore company in Costa Rica has got many conveniences besides tax exemption, anonymity, privacy safety and limited liability.
No wonder if many business men get his own company right there. All registered companies in Costa Rica are legal and allowed to operate worldwide.

Nomination service by lawyers.
The highest level for privacy care.
Limited liability with no compulsory deposit
Legal tax exemption
No tax for any profit.
No reporting commitments
No reporting obligations
No payment for accountings.
No state control
No professional skills required
International business allowed

Because of the lack of any gambling legislation, companies and their operations in Costa Rica are self-managed by their licensee. So Most of companies are self-regulated: because there’s no official bureau to grant license owners, and there are no tax for gaming and gambling.

In Costa Rica there are 200 online gambling companies, each one with a regulation specific for online gambling.
According to Costa Rica Government every bets is quite not legally done where the serve is located: that’s why all resident companies could offer legal internet games worldwide as far as they deny bets from Costa Rica itself.

Lately the Government enact a new law for gambling license. In it they finally recognize “internet gaming” a licensing commercial business. To get license you’ll need about two mouth.

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