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In compliance with the country in which you buy a license, your server must be hosted just inside that very country. That’s basically the place where all the players’ personal data will be stored. Definitely, the “core” of the system where a player/user could actually download the game.

The domain name ( o might be got out of that same country, but you’ve to mind ever the rules of each different country. A website licensed in U.S.A would never get a hosting in Malta, nor in the other way round either.

The countries releasing e-gambling license are very strict about servers’ location rules, and they come and check it both before and during the business.
The real certification will be done right on the server, once the producers legally installed it.

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Hardwares to buy for severs and hosting management:

  • 2 Servers; one for the game itself, and the other for data backup
  • 1 RNG (a random number generator, for the random functions of the games, as for cards shuffling, or for single number draw either, and more).
  • 1 Firewall; for the safety of the system.
  • 1 Hosting location, that is the real broadcast band inside the web farm.
  • 1 domain to actually display the website and games’ download.

That’s the least you should do for starting, but once you decide to step over to host much many users/players, then you should obviously improve your hardware to avoid playing slowness and crashes.

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