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Gibraltar has got a famous offshore court . It’s placed in the southern coast of the Iberian peninsula, at the south of Spain, north of Morocco. The pound is its currency.
In Gibraltar every gambling business must be examined by the"2005 Gambling Act ".
Gibraltarian authority releases gambling license, even by phone or internet: courtesy of the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) that operates according to the 2005Gambling

The Authority accepts safe and experienced companies’ request only: they must be quite financially strong, and proposing a good business plan too.

Rules respect and clearness are basic in Gibraltar: that’s why it’s a leader court since 2005 as far as it concerns e-gaming and e-commerce.
It begins in 1958 when they understand they must revise their ancient Gaming Ordinance. After a long lasting consultative process that involved the Gibraltarian government and industry, in 2006 October 25 the 2005 Gaming Act was enacted.
It’s a quite precise and pragmatic act: in the meantime it simplifies rules promoting e-business and gaming. 2005 Gambling Act is a modern act perfectly fit for today’s online game issues: it balances safe legal discipline with quickness and simplicity to keep up with modern e-business.

In Gibraltar Experts will release a license after testing your software. There’s no start-up and license royalties. There’s an annual fee.

Aliquot at 1 of proceeds, tax limit 425.000 GPB a year.

A not resident’s got no fiscal status. He’s not a part of the Gibraltarian tax system and he shouldn’t be registered. A not resident company don’t pay any tax for capital gains, property, gifts, VAT.

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