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Gambling rules in Italy is changing. We’ll give you all the info our experts give us lately.
These are quite reliable, anyway if you decide to get such a license you’d better verify for news and updating.
In Italy gambling rules are managed by AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato – Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies)

The State Monopolies administration requires you’ll pass some test and satisfy its parameters:
You should have a good computer system to manage every game’s phase and that must be even simple to use for players, and safe and guaranteed too obviously. Also your system must be set in order to let AAMS monitor all data, all game sessions, at real time and even check all past events.

These are the AAMS requirements:

  • Only companies managing games in European countries with a more than 1500000 euros gambling turnover in the last 2 years.
  • Only companies with technical skills and money guarantees (as much as that turnover).
  • Only companies founded as capital societies.
  • Only companies with reliable administrators.
  • Only companies with technical support and residence in one of the community country.
  • Only companies that pay 350000 euros to the State Monopolies for technical management, administration and supervision.

As for bureaucracy, on the website there must be published a clear contract between the owner and the player, and any access must be allowed only after a complete data registration for the AAMS database.
The owner must even forward all “anonymous” bet information to AAMS, and withdrawal and deposit info too.
If you don’t follow these rules you’ll might be punished (paying till 5000 euros or even serving a 12 months prison sentence).
Getting a poker room license is pretty expensive (100.000/300.000 euro).
Moreover you should enter in the government competition for license releasing (now there are about 200 concessions).
Once you get it you must ask for AAMS permission.

Italian online Poker
Online Poker regulations in Italy is lately changed: that’s for a government decision that legalized gambling over AAMS authorized platforms (like Gioco Digitale).

Government regulations
In Italy poker became legal in March 2008, after they changed its very denomination: from “gambling game” to “skill game”, in order to enter into the parameters of a former government economic decree (issued in 2007, September 17th).
Actually the fact is that the online poker is basically the Texas Hold'em poker, and that’s supposed to keep limits for player’s bets (in the classic poker they’re theoretically unlimited). Then, this kind of game has got even a final jackpot and that can remind the authority a kind of Bingo legal game. Least but not last, in the Texas Hold’em poker players’ skill is fundamental, more than chance definitely: and that’s why it finally got permission.

According to the new decree, there is a 3% fee over any bet, and the 80% must be ever deposited on the jackpot (that should never be lower than the bet).

In Italy they legalized Poker even to fight the “virtual migration” of Italian poker fans that used to play Texas Hold’Em over foreign platforms, with no gain for the Treasury: lately these kind of website are worldwide available (despite AAMS bans) and everyone can play on them very much money giving and receiving pretty few guarantees.
Most of websites ask for your data and ID copy in 30 days after you signed in.

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