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Sports betting websites are the ones that offers you the chance to bet on real sports events* after you’ve signed in and created your personal account. Usually you can bet on

  • soccer
  • horse racing
  • football
  • baseball
  • volley
  • basket
  • Team handball
  • hockey
  • Boxe
  • Olimpic sports

*some country allows bets on another kind of controversial events: like dog racing and cock fight.

To start up your sports betting website you can

  1. create your own company depending on other companies’ licenses and betting odds (becoming a “skin” of theirs).
  2. create your own company with your own license depending on other companies’ betting odds.
  3. create your own company, with your own license, with your own betting odds.

Basically you’ve to decide where to get a license and whether if you want to be an affiliate or a bookmaker.

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