How to get a gambling license for online casino

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Casino License
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License casino

To open an online Casino you need a legal license . That’s basically how a player may recognize the reliability of a Casino program. The countries releasing online gambling license check the trustworthiness of programs, games (tested one by one) and each money transition system.
These organizations want to get many and deep info about the owner before releasing a license.
That’s why it’s very rare to find frauds or cheating when a casino is legally licensed.
Here they are some of the most famous courts to get Gambling online license:

This kind of license give the one who got it the authorization to put in his website
all classic casino games.
That is any game where the user play his money against a banker (Casino banker)

Finally the owner of a licensed software for online Casino gets a risk properly related to the winnings: that is what normally happens for a real Casino. The difference is about the chance for any online Casino to reach the whole world by
web marketing.

VERY IMPORTANT: when you decide to get a license in any country you should remember that the company, the banker account for players payments and the hardware support, they all must reside in that very country. For instance, if you decide to get a license in Malta, your company, your banker, and your server should be all in Malta.

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