License Antigua e Barbuda

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license antigua e barbuda

Since it was independent in 1981, the Caribbean twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda has been practicing the English Common Law.
Situated less than 300 miles SE from Porto Rico, among the Leeward islands, it’s got a democratic government, in compliance with the British model.

There you could found an offshore company (GIR) very quickly and with a little expanse.
It takes usually 24hrs and you’ll get at once your company services:

Registration and safe keeping of all your documents;

  • Holding and management of all the activities of your offshore company;
  • Support and maintenance for your legal office;
  • Safe care of company’s register sand compulsory registers;
  • Planning assistance for all documents, company’s statements and chief’s reports.
  • Chiefs and Managing Directors available on demand;
  • Founding and management of offshore banks or insurance companies;
  • A complete range of traditional trusting services;

Antigua and Barbuda Online Gambling Licensing

In Antigua and Barbuda there are two kind of license: one for Casino’s games and one for sport bet
But you should ever attain to some specific requirement:

1.To get the license. All the operators should be examined (twice) to satisfy Antigua and Barbuda’s parameters.
2.A player account. There are rules about the management of a player money account. In compliance with these rules operators have always to register and verify the player’s ID before accepting his bets. They have to check any personal data (age, address etc) and confirm that. Obviously those same data will be kept secret.
3.Age. Operators should check and guarantee there will be no underage player.
4.Sensible game. Operators have to clearly advertize on the website the warning for gambling addiction and info about compulsive players’ help
5.Against cheat and money laundering. All the rules are to guarantees an honest and safe gaming, that means that a player’s account should never be used for money laundering or worse.

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