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The fastest way to register your offshore company is doing it in Belize, that’s for sure. In Belize it takes a few hours.

In Belize, taxes are quite moderate. Inland companies has got a 35% aliquot. For small turnovers all companies gets an initial 25% tax.

Gambling business is pretty new in Belize, that’s why to pull in investors there are easy regulation: just to put as much money as possible in this brand new growing field.
The Gaming Control Act (revised in 2000) is made looking at other expert courts worldwide, where gambling is already a successful business, and making all those rules fit for Belize.
New rules were approved by the Gaming Control Act in 2000 and you can find them reading the Gaming Control (Online Gaming) Regulations (enacted since October 2004).

License last 12 months, and they need an yearly tax to be renewed.
Websites and online games with a Belizian license can take no bets from Belizian residents.

How to get a Belizian License

These below are the requirements you have to attend to:

The candidate must be an International Business Company, incorporated in Belize.

  • He must prove his own financial skill, his money supply, his board of directors’ seriousness and more, bringing to the authority the personal data all the people involved in the gambling business.
  • He must introduce all his financial documents and forms regarding all incomes and outcomes, till the most recent ones.
  • He must leave fingerprints of the people involved in the gambling business.
  • I.D. card’s copies and recent photos of anyone involved in the gambling business.
  • Birth certificate of them too, when they are resident or naturalized in other countries.

How to maintain a Belizian License.

You must make frequent deposits in the Central Bank of Belize, to guarantee online gambling debits.
You must show the Online Gaming License authority all your bank transfers.
Respect all its rules about safety, deposits and reserves.

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