Developing an online Poker

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Opening an online Poker
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Developing a Casino from scratch is not so easy: you need actually many expert .
Programmers and project managers smartest enough to develop the plan as a carefully as clients and
market require.

An online poker is made by:
  • a website for downloads
  • An online management system
  • The game software
  • hardware and frameworks / server e hosting

To create a customized poker, first you have to plan exactly which the games will be in it.
(Omaha, 5 stud and others)

Once you decided the games, you should arrange the rest of your plan in order to get your license. Different country, different kind of license, and each case will be treated from scratch.
Then the software house could star developing the games’ visual design, and databases and back offices to manage online the casino.

With a clear web design and a chosen brand (with a smart domain name), they’ll go on developing the games one by one, just like:

  • Sit&go
  • Cash table
  • Tournaments

The website will be the last thing to complete (according to logos, colors, graphic types previously developed).
The design influences expenses and releasing times. Especially when you decide to develop a 3d (both static and dynamic) project.

Creating a virtual online poker from scratch (a customized one) will give many benefits: it will ease
  • the marketing strategy.
  • the expense for new games’ improvement or refreshment (new skill games and new poker games)
  • each managing cost.
  • modifying pre-existing games.

Do you need suitable estimates or legal and technical advice?
Call and give us a description of your need, and we’ll quickly help you.

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