Opening a Live Casino

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Opening a Live Casino
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What’s a live casino?

Live casino is a brand new type of online gaming the puts a player worldwide into a real live casino environment. By this kind of software the user can play all classic casino games watching a real Croupier live, just sitting in front of his computer: connected to the live game by webcams.
He’ll bet on his usual virtual platform, but the game will be live over a a real gambling table of a real authorized Casino.

Obviously this kind of software need both technical and human resources. The differences between a common online casino and a “live” one are:

  • Webcams (watching each gambling table)
  • A laser control for cards and roulettes
  • Real casino, real games.
  • Real tables
  • Real croupiers
  • Real gambling staff (cards, roulettes and more)

Usually an Online Live Casino is developed by companies that’s already achieving in gambling business, operating with real Casinos: they’ve but to release some new affiliate company to manage that, getting quiet easily permissions and guarantees to de streamed.
Anyway, to be streamed every online Live Casino needs an Online gambling License: both its country license and the one of the country that “broadcast” it.
EG: A Swiss Casino with regular license to operate live could ask another country for the permission to get a server and hosting over there, but keeping the “live act” in its Swiss place.
It’s a case.

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