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Roulette is an Italian gambling game (once called girella) brought in France in the 18th cent.
It’s a wheel parted into 37 (in French/European roulette) or 38 (in American roulette, that has got both “0” and “00”) colored and numbered pockets. From 0 to 36, one black one red, with green 0 (and double 0 green too, apart from some extremely rare case when it’s white). The croupier makes the wheel turn and then he throws the ivory marble (in present time it’s actually acrylic): the marble runs backwards the turning wheel until it stops over a single colored pocket setting the wins

Croupiers use to speak French, and these are the most common sentences of theirs:

  • "Faites vos jeux, messieurs!" (let’s play, gentlemen)
  • "Les jeux sont faits, rien ne va plus" (The game’s done, no more bets)
  • "Le numéro gagnant est..." ("The winning number is...")
When the wheel stops, the croupier has to call and classify the inning number: that can be rouge or noir (red o black), pair or impair (odd or even), manque or passe (down or over 18)

You can find three kind:
  • French Roulette: classic and most popular one, 0-36. It’s peculiar about 0: when the marbles stops in it, all the bets in simple chance will be trapped for that turn, then if the previously bet chance number will get out, the bet will be set free and that will be considered as a normal new bet (en prison rule). And there’s another conventional European rule: when the 0 strikes out, chance bet could parted with the bankerer (betting 20 on red, when the green 0 strikes out, 10 will be yours, 10 for bankerer)
  • English roulette, like French one, without en prison rule. And table is a little different: in the French one there are three croupiers, in the English one (as the American one) one only; then there different claims (voisins du zero, near zero, 5/8 series, and orphelins, little orphans) and they are represented down the layout.
  • American roulette is different because of the 38th pocket: double zero(00), usually a green pocket. Like English one, there’s no en prison rule, and there are four kind of claims: GOLD (5,7,11,17,20,22,26,30,32,34) SILVER (00,1,3,10,13,15,24,25,27,36) AMERICANA (6,8,9,12,18,19,21,28,29,31) SMALL (0,2,4,14,16,23,33,35)
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