Texas Hold'em Poker

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TEXAS HOLD'EM POKER info and estimates

texas hold'em poker

Texas Hold'em (or Hold'em – that mean “keep them”, talking about fiches) is the most played poker variant in U.S. Casinos. Last years it outclassed old poker common games, like stud.
In theory it could be played till by 22 players in a table, but usually they are 2/10. It’s played with a 52-cards French deck. Players receive two cards that will give them their own scores when combined with the community cards the croupier will discover during the game. The goal is hold (all the fiches for you!). Once players lose all their fiches they get off, one by one (and sometimes more than one in the same hand).

There are 4 Texas Hold'em variants:

  • no limit: the most popular, designating the world champion in WSOP;
  • pot limit: bets and raises can’t get over the plot amount (before the action). It’s common in Europe, to avoid bets will overflow during preflop;
  • fixed limit: bets are fixed, and so are raises (that might be 3 at the most for each betting turn – except when there are only 2 player left). Limit games require less psychological skill (less bets, less bluffs), but they need math attitude at all, and they’re very popular in Casinos.
  • mixed: when limited variants blend with unlimited ones.
Remember: during limited games, minimum bets are doubled at 3rd and 4th bet round (turn and river)
There are 6 main phases:
  • Compulsory bets: the first player on dealer’s left pays a small blind, the second one pay a big blind. The big blind will be the minimum bet to play for everyone else, the small blinds ½ of that (very rarely ¾). During tournaments they may require for an ante (1/5 small blind) compulsory for all the player before the blind.
  • Pre-flop: The dealer deals two hole cards face down to each player, beginning with the one on his left , then the player sitting on the left on the big blind will start the 1st betting round.
  • Flop: the dealer burns a card and deals the flop of three face-up community cards: those can be used by player to compose their points. There will start the 2nd betting round, this time on, starting from the player sitting on the dealer’s left.
  • Turn (or 4th Street): the dealer another card and deals the turn card face up. Even this one can be used to compose players’ point. There will be another betting round, and so on.
  • River (o 5th Street): the dealer urns another card and deals the final river card and players start the last betting round. Now there are 5 face-up community cards that may be used by each player to compose his own final point (settling the best 5 of 7 down).
  • Showdown: when there are no more bets, the player on the button’s left will show his cards down, and so the others could. The player with the best point wins the whole pot. When points and equal, the pot will go to the player with the best “out point” card/s (kicker). If that’s not enough they will part (split pot).
When the turn’s over, the big blind moves left, with the small blind and the button.
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